High School Athletics

Teen Athletics

Seasonal Training for young athletes

Our Teen Athletics program focusses on pre-season and mid-season strength and conditioning, injury prevention, mobility, and competition prep in areas such as competition, mental game, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Snow. Field Sports. Track. B-ball. Polo.

High School Sports Common Demands

Many sports have common demands throughout. Joint protection is a big focus, as growing teenagers have high incidences of ACL and MCL ruptures in field sports like soccer, lacrosse and baseball. Our skiiers have a huge demand on knees and often have wipeouts that can be devastating to shoulders and hips. We work to create a durable athlete that minimizes their time on the bench.

Our programming

Our programming is determined solely by our clients. It all depends on what sports and seasons are represented. Currently our load of athletes is heavy on ski and lacrosse, and our programming reflects that.

Teaching kids how to move well.

Getting Good Movement

Teens present an interesting challenge to our trainers, in that their limb lengths can vary from week to week. More times that we can count, we will have an athlete with a beautiful squat one week, and the next week we are starting over learning it again, because their femurs have gotten longer and changed everything. We focus on good quality movement over speed and load. When they are moving efficiently and confidently, then we slowly start turning the dial up.

Developing a love for fitness.

Hard work + Fun

We have learned how to make working out fun and exciting for our youth. Its a fine line between too easy and too hard, and we have a great ability to find the sweet spot where the kids are getting a potent dose of fitness without scaring them off or under-challenging them. We build the team spirit, teach sportsmanship, and build confidence through mini competitions, challenges, and team workouts that work well for young adults.

Class Times

Teen Athletics is now running at 4pm on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4pm. When the class demands that we split to Middle School and High School separately, we will do so and move High School to 7pm.