Small Group Training

Weight Loss

Have a group of girls that want to all drop some body fat? Group up with a trainer and start shredding the weight! We can take small groups from two to five and have private hours in our private training lab. Link everyone together to watch nutrition and exercise. Push each other in a safe and private environment.

Body Imbalances

Have another buddy that is sitting the season out and want to work out together with some guidance and planning for your specific injury? This is a great time to pull a trainer in to get you dialed on a plan that will keep you safe but still challenged.

Specific Goals & Skill Development

Got a group that wants to run their first marathon, or make it to CrossFit Regionals? Want to all be ready to summit Hood in a few months? Get your group together with a trainer and get ready as a team.

Building confidence.

Ready to start with group classes but want to learn some skills before diving in? Grab your buddy and one of our trainers and get tuned up and dialed in so you are on point when you walk into your first class!

How do I set up a consultation?

Select the number of sessions you’d like to purchase and click on the link below. Once you are in our Mind Body system, you should be able to schedule your appointments from within the system. If you cannot, simply come back to this page and click on the schedule links below the pricing links.

Two People, One Session


Three People, One Session


Two People, Five Sessions


Three People, Five Sessions


Two People, Ten Sessions


Three People, Ten Sessions


Athletic Trainer, NSCA S&C Coach, Precision Nutrition L1 Certified

Book with Meghan

Meghan obtained her Master’s degree in Athletic Training, a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology, is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a Nationally Qualified NPC bikini competitor. While pursuing a career working with athletes, she is constantly learning about injury prevention, rehabilitation, muscle development, and nutrition. She has been applying these principles to her programming since she was an undergraduate, which have helped herself and clients lose fat, gain strength and build muscle.

Endurance Coach. NASM Trainer. CrossFit L1 & Endurance. Precision Cycling

Book with Kim

Kim has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry, working with small and large group training as well as private training. Kim runs the Bike Endurance program which is in its 6th season and has seen many racers ascend the podium. Kim also coaches CrossFit and does personal training and has developed High School training programs for the girls Lacrosse, Nordic and Water Polo. Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach. CrossFit Trainings for Bike and Run. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Certified Precision Cycling