Ski Conditioning

Getting skiiers and snowboarders ready for the season

Get ready for making turns in the pow! This class gets knees, hips, and midline prepped and ready for an epic winter on the mountain, and builds the endurance and stamina needed to stay on the hill for hours. This fun class will get you ready to shred.

Getting your knees ready for the sport.

Joint Prep

Knees! Knees! Knees! We will do our absolute best to keep those ACLs and MCLs protected by building the leg strength around them. You’ll be doing wide variety of squatting and lunging, as well as spending time on footwork drills on the agility ladder.¬†Although we occasionally test and retest movements and workouts in order to assess progress, generally no two days are the same in any of our classes. We use implements such as med balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, and barbells to develop functional strength for a durable athlete.

Fixing Common Imbalances

Skiers need their legs, but they also need some upper body strength, and they really need a strong core with rotational strength. You’ll find yourself developing cross-body rotational strength to help with turns, jumps, and most importantly… yard sales! Hopefully there won’t be many of those, but when there are, you’ll be ready.

2016/17 Winter Sessions are complete.