The Main Gym

A beautiful space built for Strength

The facilities of the main gym are bar none to any other gym in the Columbia River Gorge. 12000 feet of equipment, space, free weights, and an amazing vibe. This space will bring all people of all sizes, shapes, and ages what they need to get the fitness they deserve.


You won’t find a more diverse community than right here inside this gym. We have a strong, and fun crew here at the Power Station. All of our members are motivated, happy to be at the gym, and willing to help each other out. You can always get a spot or some tips from folks, and people also understand that headphones on probably means that you mean business, and you’ll get your space to enjoy your me-time too.


There is no stone left unturned in terms of barbells, plates, bumper plates, squat racks, bench press stations, benches, and machines. It is all here!

Functional Training

Our dumbbell collection is both old school iron and the modern rubber hex collection. We’ve got you covered all the way up to 200 lbs! Below the mobility and core area, we have a dedicated functional training area as well as an all new back space boasting turf and sleds, climbing ropes, rings, heavy bags and more. These spaces have  kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls, pull up bars, and more general functional equipment as well as a Pit Shark and a dual pully cable cross.

The Cardio Zone

The Cardio room has several treadmills, stair mills, rowers, stationary bikes both upright and recumbent, as well as several different styles of cross trainers. This space has lots of natural light and a view outside to Cascade Avenue, fantastic air-flow and good vibes all around.

Mobility Mezzanine

Our mezzanine has a space that’s a little away from the crowd for mobility, yoga, and core work.

Variety of Equipment

Plyo boxes, functional equipment, machines, and more. It’s here. Come see us!