Private Training

Specific Goals and Skill Development

A lot of our athletes have specific fitness goals that they’d like to reach, and working one on one with a private training is an excellent way to develop a plan to reach that goal on a specific date. Some of our CrossFitters want to get a certain skill like a Muscle Up, or reach a certain weight on their deadlift. Some have a race they want to qualify for or even win. Our trainers can get you there.

Body Imbalances & injuries

With injuries, surgeries, life challenges and events, sometimes a private trainer is the best way to work around all the things that may make jumping into a group class a little bit too much of headache. Schedule it on your clock, and focus on recovery or working around parts that are still healing.

Weight Loss

Build a plan with your trainer to drop the body fat that has been holding you down. Develop a strength and conditioning plan to support it and have a person to keep you accountable and excited about the challenge!

Building confidence.

Are you interested in group class but feel like you want a little tune up before jumping in? Although all of our classes are all levels, sometimes people like a few solo sessions to get back in the groove and remind them of movements, help them set some goals, and feel confident walking into the groups.

How do I set up a consultation?

Purchase your package of one, five, or ten sessions below, and then scroll a little lower to schedule time with your trainer!

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