Nutrition & Body Composition

Nutrition and Body Composition

Fuel your Body to Reach your Goals

Fitness happens at the gym, health happens in the kitchen. Our private trainers can increase your strength and endurance. They can also customize your daily nutrition and help you to feel (and look!) your best.

Defining the Start Line.

Nutrition Analysis.

Start at the beginning. For all of our clients, we start with having you track your habits for a week. This helps us to get an overall picture of where you’re at.

Defining the first finish line.

Setting Goals.

In order to build a plan, we need to see the start and finish lines clearly. We’ll define your goals, whether they are based on performance or body composition.

Program Design, Education and Support.

Building the Plan.

We will work with you to build a plan that you can stick to. Each of us needs a different level of planning and support, and will work with your individual lifestyle. It can be as detailed as a full nutrition and exercise plan or as flexible as daily macros (carbs, fats, and proteins). She offers a varying level of continual education, support, and accountability.

15 Min Consultation


One Month


One Month


Body Fat Analysis


Three Month


Three Month


Macros & Email Checkins


Six Month


Six Month