Our mission is to provide a space for the community of Hood River to grow through a shared motivation for increasing fitness, living a healthy lifestyle and supporting ourselves and our community through positive interactions. We believe that we can make a profound impact on the Columbia River Gorge by providing coaches, trainers, classes, consultations, workshops and events that focus on helping all people to develop physically and mentally.

Our ideas are simple. Lift weight: heavy sometimes, light sometimes. Run short and fast. Run long and far. Learn new skills and get excited about learning new stuff. Start with the basics and advance appropriately. Don’t cut corners. Apply fitness to your daily life. Workout with your friends. Ride bikes and learn other new sports in the gorge. Make your travel and vacations involve fitness. Eat good food, drink lots of water. Laugh, love, support and listen to your friends and family. Read books, and learn. Never stop growing.

We see a peaceful, accepting new world in our future. We believe fitness is a key component. A well taken care of body makes for a calm and happy mind. Our vision involves a fit Hood River and Columbia River Gorge and a community of fitness that expands well beyond our zip codes.