the FIT Women Challenge

30 Days Allllll to yourself! Take it. You've earned it.

Why FIT Women?

People walk through the doors of the Power Station every day and the first thing that they say to us is that that they are intimidated by the gym, that they don’t know what to do at the gym and that group classes are terrifying. They say they want more than anything to regain fitness or build their fitness from scratch. They want to feel good in their skin, sleep better, feel better, and feel more capable and self reliant. Sometimes, they want to feel safer.

These people are all Women.

The gym is often a male-dominated, aggressive and intimidating place. The energy is raw, and the output is intense. Our gym is beautifully raw. There are weights dropping, people grunting, and music is bumping. People come to the Power Station and they want to WORK. It’s a motivating vibe, a strong community, and a place where people change their lives.

The energy can be a lot to take in on first step in the door. We know that first step is already pretty freaking hard (although if you come on a week night, you may have taken a lot of steps to get in the door from a far-away parking spot lol). So.. we thought, why not create a space where women can connect and build a support system and together, get the fitness and health, and FUN that they desire? Why not create programs that will help build confidence, comfort, skills, and motivation? We have an incredible amount to teach and share and our staff all shares an intense love for motivating, inspiring, and educating. We all loving nothing more than helping people build an absolute LOVE for fitness and working out. We love it, and we’d hate to see anyone go through life without having that same feeling we have.

The Concept

The FIT Women Challenge is a thirty day Challenge designed with the intent to show women a vast array of ways to build and maintain fitness, and build a support and accountability squad to keep them in line and on track. There are several different coaches with different coaching styles and several different style classes. There are Open Gym sessions with coaches present to answer questions, show movements and support. There are prizes, lots of prizes! There will be end of the month podium prizes and there are also mid week, mid workout, end of week prizes. There are sponsored and semi-sponsored social events and outings, and accessory classes like Self Defense and Yoga. We’ll stay in constant contact through group emails, a private facebook page, and a tally board tracking attendance. Nutrition advice and rewards are included in this challenge as well as recipes, and cooking ideas. During the 30 day challenge, we happen to be launching our new Kiddo’s Open Gym time, and for the FITWomen, drop-off fees are waived! We hope to build a strong squad of Women that support each other’s goals, and we hope to remove every possible barrier to entry for you! We are in it together, ladies!

The Rules

First things first: Show up. Just show up.

Show up to as many possible FIT Women Classes as you can in a month. Of course you need rest days, so don’t come out too hot and burn out in a week. Be reasonable. Show up in what-EVER mood you are in. Don’t wanna do it? Get in here anyway, and we’ll get you motivated.

If you can’t make it to a FIT Women class, then make-up your session with any of the other classes the gym offers. Theres Boxing and Biking in the evenings, HIIT at lunch and CrossFit is served up all day and night. On weekends theres a community workout, more CrossFit, Self Defense, Yoga, and even an Open Gym Club Workout with DJs and Lights on Saturday nights. Make it a party! Saturday nights dont have to be about bars and booze or netflix and wine. Come get your sweat on!

Ante up by working towards a whole foods only nutrition game. Start with reducing and then removing sugar, then same with dairy, then gluten. Turn up the volume on water and veggies. Buy a bag of protein powder and start choosing the right foods for the right times. One step at a time. If you’re already a gym pro, then cut to the chase and dive in. This program, this challenge, this hour of your life that you are taking for yourself.. it’s yours. Make it count.

FITWOMEN STRONG: Strength and Conditioning with with entry level functional movement, progressing as appropriate
FITWOMEN BURN: Bootcamp style with bodyweight, medicine balls, resistance bands.
FITWOMEN SHRED: In the open gym area using machines, free weights, and cardio.



Whatever, how do i WIN?

Well… rad ness matters around here. Attitude, motivation, perseverance….it won’t go unnoticed. We have a lot of sponsors and a lot of prizes and if you put in the time and commit to yourself, we will see it and we will recognize it. We’ll see it as we coach you, get to know you, and watch you progress, and we’ll see it on the CHALKBOARD at the front! Get your “X” each time you come in!

Don’t get us wrong.. all that awesome stuff is cool, but results matter too! If you want to qualify for the performance prizes, take part in “Baseline”. It is a workout that consists of rowing and a few bodyweight movements. We will run it on Wednesday in all classes and you can make an appointment to do it at another time if you can’t come on Wednesday.

If you want to qualify for results prizes, then be sure and get weighed and measured! Talk with any of your coaches about making an appointment to do this.

The very last WHY?

Jeri here. It’s been me all along, but now I’m really speaking for myself.

So this is a lot of stuff and a lot of work and organization, for not a lot of money, relatively speaking. Why would we do so much? Well, in a best case scenario, the Power Station becomes a long term part of your family’s life. If not, we still get a chance to meet a whole new crew of folks that would have perhaps never entered out building otherwise. We get to coach in a different style that we normally do. The challenge squad gets to get exposed to a huge array of fitness options, and gets a “gym 101” along the way. We get some excuses to support our members who own restaurants and shops in town through outings and prizes, and they get the chance to be a part of something cool. I get another chance to talk on the radio! (eye roll) Everyone wins!

What I really want to gain for myself and for the Power Station is a chance at empowering some new women to get more from life, and feel more confidant and capable. We want a strong female community at the gym, and in the Gorge, and I want to pull some of you ladies off the street and into our fitness grips that have been looking for a kick in the pants.

In the last ten years working in the fitness industry, I’ve met so many truly amazing women. Women that have overcome great struggles and challenges. I’ve met women who have put themselves on the back burner for years, and years, and years for their families, friends and careers. I’ve met women that have been celebrated and have been discarded. I’ve met way too many women who have been abused, neglected, disrespected, threatened, and who have done all of those things to themselves. I’ve been that woman, I’ve met that woman, and I know and adore so many girls/young women that I hope will make it past some of of those grievances and shoot straight to an amazing, productive, positive life. With the current state of the world, politics, disgusting Hollywood scandals and declining health, I realize more than ever, that it is time to invest in our youth, ourselves, our community and our women! I know that physical strength, a hot body, and/or a community of like-minded friends can’t solve all the worlds problems, but it’s a damn fine start.

So, ladies. Enough chitter chatter.  Let’s do this.