Endurance Program

Train for the Gorge

Considering the Elements of the Sport

Sport Specific Programs

Skiiers need legs and rotational strength. Windsurfers need grip and midline stability. Cyclists need lungs, legs, and midline. Runners need legs. Soccer and ultimate frisbee need legs and lungs.

Agility & Balance

Everyone needs agility and balance and we focus on this stuff with agility ladders, balance boards, bosu balls, footwork drills, jumping and landing, bounding, and more.

Joint Prep

We see a lot of blown knees, shoulders in this town. We put a lot of focus and energy into building joint stability in our athletes. We focus on rotator cuff stabilization, building strength around knees and ankles, and also working mobility in these areas. Without mobility, we can’t build strength.

Building lung capacity and muscular endurance

Sport Specific Conditioning

These classes will have you sweating for the full hour. Conditioning is paramount in many recreational sports so we put a big focus on keeping heart rates high. Generally this will happen in interval style training. This is the most effective method for building a baseline, and for building the ability to hold a higher heart rate for a longer duration.

Body imbalances

Living a life that focusses on a specific sport often leaves athletes overdeveloped in places and underdeveloped in others. One example would be stand up paddle boarders. They have a tendency to have strong ankles from balancing, strong shoulders from paddling, and a very weak back from over use. Cyclists are often weak in the mid line and in the upper body, and are hunched forward with internal rotation in the shoulders. We work to balance out our athletes to prevent pain and injuries in the future.



Six Months @ 2x/Week


Month to Month @ 2x/Week