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CrossFit Hood River was founded in 2009, beginning at the Children’s Park in Hood River. Since then it has outgrown and moved locations several times. In it’s last and final move, Diesel Athletics LLC, the parent company of CrossFit Hood River acquired the former Big Gym. The businesses merged and the entire gym is now called the Power Station. CrossFit Hood River continues to retain it’s name and community, and resides in the south end of the building. With this merge, we’ve been able to offer our members more than virtually any other CrossFit gym can. As the business grows, the programs, equipment, and features grow. Our members have the luxury of locker rooms, showers, and programs such as a 30 minute HIIT class, boxing, youth athletics, bike endurance and pre season athletics classes, skills clinics, a bouldering wall, a full service traditional gym, and open studio hours in our training studios.

No two workouts are the same.

Constantly Varied

Although we occasionally test and retest movements and workouts in order to assess progress, generally no two days are identical at CrossFit Hood River. Workouts can be short, focussing on sprint strength, or longer, focussing on endurance and stamina. We often use interval style training for our conditioning portions, and classic weightlifting when we focus on strength.

Human based movements found in daily life

Functional Movement

Functional movement refers to movement commonly seen in daily life. Lifting, squatting, reaching, pulling, pushing, etc. We use barbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, medicine balls, climbing ropes, dumbbells, sleds, and our own bodies as our primary tools, and we move them in ways that translate to our daily lives.

Increasing load, volume, and speed over time.

High Intensity

Once we have our athletes moving efficiently, we start to increase intensity. The two ways that we can add intensity is through speed or through weight. We use both methods to get the most out of every workout.

Getting Started

Getting started with CrossFit Hood River is easy! Come to a class, and arrive ten minutes early. Your coach should be available to say hi and check in with you on any questions or concerns you may have. Our programming in each class is designed to work for people who are new to the program as well as the folks that have been around for years. We look forward to meeting you!

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