CrossFit Hood River

Train Hard, Play Harder!

CrossFit Hood River was founded in 2009. It now resides inside the south end of the Power Station. It existed four years before the Power Station became a part of the equation, and we have been delighted to be all brought together under one roof.

Conditioning & Intervals

Interval based training is a big part of the programming methodology. There will often be workouts like five minutes of a set of movements, strung together continuously, followed by a rest, and then do it again! Sometimes its intervals on a rower or running, or maybe its simply lifting the barbell, every minute on the minute for 10-15 minutes. It’s a way to organize a class and a great way to build fitness.

Coaching & Community

There are a lot of cool things about the CrossFit methodology. The training program is potent, and the movements make sense. But what really makes CrossFit something that’s not going away, is the community. The CrossFit community is tight. It’s a family, in all ways. People are all ages, sizes, shapes, and everyone accepts and supports each others strengths, weaknesses and differences.

Speed & Intensity

As you develop solid movement patterns and feel comfortable in the movements, then we begin to add speed, weight, and intensity to the movement. This will shock your system and gain you more benefits from your hard work.

Functional Movement

We use movements seen in normal human movement. Squatting, sitting, pulling, pushing, reaching, dragging, running… Getting down, and getting up. We use implements like barbells and kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls, and our bodies. Sometimes we are doing something like 10 back squats. Sometimes we are doing sets of one. We work ranges of absolute strength and also muscle endurance in longer sets. Pullups, pushups, handstands, situps, toes to bar… These are movements that you’ll learn over time, and eventually master. We use them as fitness skills, and ways to strength and condition, they transfer to life. We also focus on mobility.. Your ability to gain strength is limited by your mobility. We work hard to get good warmups and cool downs, as well as educate our members on how to properly mobilize for their workouts.

Getting Started

Getting started with CrossFit Hood River is easy! Come to a class, and arrive ten minutes early. Your coach should be available to say hi and check in with you on any questions or concerns you may have. Our programming in each class is designed to work for people who are new to the program as well as the folks that have been around for years. We look forward to meeting you!