The Conditioning Lab

Private & Small Group Training Space

This is a private studio, used for classes and private training. We currently offer bike endurance, youth athletics, and boxing classes in this studio. This space is available as an open gym space in between classes to members who have class based memberships.

The Studio Space

This space has two squat racks with eight pullup bar stations, eight stationary bikes, and several punching bags. There is a joint gear storage area that is shared between both studios in the CrossFit space.

Bike Endurance

The Bike Endurance Program meets two to three times per day and focusses on an on and off the bike program using watt based bikes, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, and plyo boxes. This class is booked out in eight week blocks, and meets early morning and after work. This is a part of the overall Endurance Program offered at PSHR

Ski Conditioning

The Ski Conditioning Class meets for six weeks before the mountain opens up and then starts up again after the New Year. We focus on rotational strength, joint prep, building an endurance base, and building muscle endurance in the legs. This year was our pilot year and our athletes have given us great feedback about feeling strong on the mountain!

Youth Athletics

Our general program is designed for all High School kids that are both in school sports and for those who aren’t and want to build some general strength and conditioning. We also train the Cooper Spur Race Team and focus on keeping them strong, mobile, and explosive for their sport.

Private Training

This studio is an amazing space for private training as it is a quiet, private studio most of the day. Our clients like the ability to focus on their prehab, rehab, and other specific needs without the music and distractions of the more busy studios in the building. Find out more about one-on-one training or small groups of up to three.


Our boxing program offers boxing cardio, beginner mitts class, and advanced mitts class. Mondays and Wednesdays are for all people, and Tuesday Thursdays are Women Only.