The boxing program is designed for people of all ages with a few goals in mind. We want to build overall fitness, confidence, and strength. We want to empower people of all ages to feel capable of self defense and to know how to defend themselves. We want to boost confidence in youth, in women, and in all other groups. We want to build a community and we want everyone to have fun and be excited about their new fitness interest.


Part of the boxing program includes conditioning. We run intervals varying from a minute thirty to two to four minutes in length. As this class is boxing focussed, you’ll find this will burn out your shoulders more than your legs. Movements you’ll see a lot of: battle ropes, burpees, box jumps, bike sprints, shadow boxing with 2-5 lb dumbbells, light taps to punching bag: upper cuts and jabs, wall sits with shadow boxing, and more. This class is appropriate for all ages and genders.


We also focus on learning the art of boxing. You’ll spend time with instruction on learning a series of punches as well as steps to push forward as well as circling. We’ll focus on the basic first punch, and then add more and more. This portion will be primarily with a partner. One is in gloves and the other in mitts.

Heavy Bags

Heavy bag focusses on punches, drills, footwork, dodging and blocking. This is an intense workout and includes a lot of skill work in the process.

Class Times

Monday & Wednesday