The Bouldering Gym

The bouldering gym has a wide range of options from bouldering, to functional training and cardio. This is our mixed use space that includes a wide range of equipment and options, including a heavy bag and reflex bag.


The bouldering wall is up and running, with 15 vertical routes, two horizontal traverses, and one dyno route. With over 12 inches of crash mat, you can try anything and fall to a nice cushy landing! Stay tuned for upcoming clinics, and route setting parties!

Functional Training

A small collection of dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls and other equipment is found in this space. This is a great place to knock out a quick WOD or follow any specific training program you may following from various sources.


There are two treadmills, a rower, and two airdyne bikes located in this room, as well as space for short shuttle runs, jumping rope, and, of course.. burpees!


So far we’ve got a hanging heavy bag, a partner bag, and a speed bag. These are popular items as we’ve got a lot of boxers in our gym!


The new wall mount rig has two squat racks and several pull up stations. We are equipped with barbells and bumper plates as well as a couple weightlifting platforms in this space.

Open Floor Space

There’s plenty of floor space to put down a yoga mat, mobilize, roll out with foam rollers and lacrosse balls, or destroy your core with an ab finisher. This is a popular space for shuttle runs, walking lunges and handstand practice.