Bike Program

Starting January 2018, we are taking the Cycling Program at the Power Station to a whole new level! As part of a comprehensive off season training program, we are now offering three unique classes for Cyclists. This program can be taken in full as four to five days a week program, or you can specify to your needs by choosing a specific area you’d like to focus on: Strength, Endurance, or Recovery.

Class size is limited to eight people, so we take reservations for two month increments. Current members of the program have first priority in reserving spots. Any unreserved spots will be available for drop-ins. This small group training environment provides personal attention, camaraderie and team-style accountability for the cyclist that wants to roll into spring feeling strong and ready. To reserve a spot, fill out the survey and we will get you set up.

Building Strength & Correcting Imbalances


This class focusses on a few basic concepts that riders should work on in strengthening for cycling. We build glutes and hamstrings to balance out the quad-dominance of cyclists. These are also the primary muscles used for climbing hills. Next we move to pushing and pulling, from the upper body. This works to get a strong upper for handlebar management, jumping, turning, and all other elements that demand a strong upper body and upper back, including posture correction. Next we move to core development where we focus specifically on rotational work, abs, and lower back: all of the elements of the core. Included in core work, we include some grip training to strengthen wrists and grip which is clutch for cyclists. We round out the time with mobility focussing on the tight hip, psoas, and hamstrings of the average cyclist. This class uses the entire gym to meet the needs of the daily programming.

Monday & Wednesday
5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, 6:00pm

Building base and power in the saddle


This class is designed to focus entirely on the bike, and to work to build the aerobic base over the winter months. It also builds the anaerobic power for things like quick hill climbs, catching up with the pack, and all other things that need a quick bursts of power. The winter program starts in November and builds for six months, although we have athletes join us throughout the year. The summer program focusses on maintenance and continually increasing capacity without taking away from outdoor riding and racing.

Tuesday, Thursday
5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, 6:00pm

Get ready for the weekend!

Recovery (mornings only)

Recovery day offers option of a group ride at low intensity to spin out the legs for the upcoming weekend, or an hour of coach-led bike-specific mobilization exercises for un-gluing tight hips and hamstrings, abs, low back, and shoulders, with a variance of movements that the athlete can then have in their backpockets for when they need it.

5:30am & 6:30am

The most comprehensive, engaging indoor cycling experience on the market.

Life Fitness IC7s and IC8s

Watts, speed, cadence, intervals, reports — all at your fingertips.

State-of-the-art indoor cycles. This fleet of ten bikes combines striking, award-winning design with an enhanced digital experience. The Coach By Color intensity guide, WattRate Power Meter and connectivity to external devices provide encouragement and engagement, and make the indoor cycling experience unlike any other. With a combination of IC7s (two-stage drivetrain, with ICG’s hybrid Poly-V and tooth belt technology) and IC8s (chain-driven freewheel), all indoor cyclists will be able to find their favorite style of training and excel with the help of this system.

These bikes join us early 2018.


Build this program to suit your needs. Join the intervals team only, or go all in and see us at the same time 4-5 days each week. You seat is reserved for the span of your payment. If paying monthly, your spot will be reserved with each auto-renew.

We have a wide range of memberships with discounts for couples, family, and longer term committments. Our most common memberships in this program are the two month prepaid memberships and the monthly auto-renewing memberships.

Drop-Ins are welcome to join our classes when there are available bikes! To register as a drop-in member, purchase a one class pass or a punchcard, and reserve classes through the schedule on the website or through the Mindbody App. If it allows you to Sign Up, then there’s a spot available! Only one bike spot can be reserved per person per day. Members are allowed to use class credits on drop-in spots on bikes as will-call only for daily doubles or as make-up for missed classes.

Monthly Unlimited




Monthly 2x/Week