Bike Endurance

Year Round Interval Training for Cyclists

Bike Endurance is designed for avid cyclists, this class focuses on building power and speed through the use of watt based training, utilizing Power Tap technology, in a variety of high intensity interval workouts on and off the bike. The work off the bike will focus on building bike specific strength, power, muscle endurance and core stability to keep you riding stronger, faster and leaner all season long.

Using Watts as our measuring stick.

Cyclops Stationary Bikes

Watts, speed, cadence, intervals, reports and more — all at your fingertips.

Cycleops partnered with PowerTap to get the most accurate power measurement technology around built into a dedicated indoor setup. We’re talking an industry leading power accuracy of +/- 1.5%. Combined with the Joule GPS+, this technology gives you all the performance data you’ve ever wanted. That with all the benefits of their signature frame — perfect fit, freewheel gearing, sturdy steel — you’ll be looking for excuses to get back in the saddle again and again.

No two workouts are the same.

Constantly Varied Functional Movement

Although we occasionally test and retest movements and workouts in order to assess progress, generally no two days are the same in Bike Endurance. This keeps the body guessing and the mind engaged. We use a combination of intervals on the bike with movements such as kettlebell swings, dumbbell work, pullups, pushups, and medicine ball work to balance out the cyclist body.

Addressing the issues all cyclists experience

Fixing Common Imbalances

We commonly see bikers with poor posture developed through endless hours in the saddle. Weak lower backs and midlines, sore shoulders and upper backs, and tight ankles from calf development. We work to develop the core, build some upper body strength and upper back development to pull those shoulders back and reverse some of the internal rotation commonly seen on cyclist bodies. And of course we work on leg and glute strength!

Increasing load, volume, and output over time.

High Intensity

Intervals, intervals, intervals. How does thirty minutes of thirty seconds on and thirty seconds of rest sound? Thats an old favorite, and probably our shortest interval set we have. Sometimes its five minutes on and five minutes off, and ranges in all directions from there. Our common unit of measurement is based on the three minute watt test that we test every eight weeks. You’ll use percentages of that three minute number to figure out your output in weeks to follow.

Peaking and recovering at the right times.

Designed for active riders

Programming is designed around race season and will ramp up and down to get riders ready for road, mountain, and cross season. It will also take races into consideration, and intensity will be added and subtracted to make sure riders are race-ready and not worn down when it comes time to perform. With all seasons and racing taken into consideration, the program still works wonderfully for the folks that only get in the saddle when they come to class!

Joining this Program

Our classes are designed in two month training block formats. The morning classes are Monday Wednesday at  5:30 and 6:30am, and Tuesday Thursday at 5:30 and 6:30am. These are closed group format, meaning the same eight people are together, as a team, for that eight weeks. These morning classes are popular, so getting onto a team starts by getting on the waitlist. Cyclists currently enrolled in the morning class get first rights to hold their bike at about a month before the next two month block starts. When a member gives up their bike, it is opened up to the first person on the waitlist.

The evening class on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm is first come first serve but we highly recommend that you get online and reserve your bike. We also ask that you are courteous to others waiting for a bike and drop your reservation if you will not be able to make it in for your class.

Our training blocks are as follows:

  • Jan/Feb
  • March/April
  • May/June
  • July/August (outdoors)
  • Sept/Oct
  • Nov/Dec