Showers & Locker Rooms

We now have a men’s and women’s locker room! Each locker room has lockers for rent, free lockers for day use, and two showers each. We encourage you to lock up your gear in the lockers, and can rent the larger ones for ten bucks a month. Towel service is available and showers are stocked with soap and shampoo.

Kid Zone

Kids are welcome to hang out in our kids lounge while parents are working out. Kids must be of an age that they can be left alone to play with toys that we have stocked, or they can bring their favorite electrical devices for screen time. Parents are welcome to set up kids in the CrossFit area out of the way as long as they can stay in their area that is free from harm.

Prep Area

In the front area of the gym we have a benches and chairs for workout prep, changing shoes, etc. There are cubbies and hooks for open storage, and we have lockers for rent in the locker rooms. We welcome you to spend time recovering and socializing in the upstairs lounge!

Mezzanine Lounge

Upstairs you can hang on the couch, watch a little netflix, check your email, and catch up with your friends. The scenery isn’t bad, it looks out over the whole gym. Make yourself at home here.

Knowledgable Staff, Good Music & Fast Wifi (and free towels!)

Our staff are all members of our gym too. They know the ropes around here. Please feel free to ask about machines, provide feedback, ask for tips on your training. We are here for you! The music is bumping and we aim to motivate you with good tunes, good vibes, and fast wifi for your headphones if you’re marching to your own beat. Ask for the password at the front desk. You’ll find towels around the gym for keeping machines clean, mopping up your sweat, and drying off after a nice shower.

Pro Shop

You can count on us for Protein, Pre Workout, Recovery formulas, drinks, bars, apparel, accessories, logbooks, and more.